Saturday, February 1, 2014

Racing, Running and Other Ridiculousness

Now that you have successfully chosen your crew, developed a race plan and communicated it to your crew, it's time to make sure that you have the essentials in order for race day.

Aside from your fuel and hydration needs, your crew will need to be prepared for every imaginable contingency on race day.

Here are a few things that should be high on your list...

1. Directions- Your crew needs to know exactly where they're going to be meeting you. Turn by turn directions are great but GPS coordinates are also very handy. Print them out and provide them to your crew. As a side note, it's important to know what types of vehicles are required to access the aid stations.

2. Shower Liner- Go to the dollar store and buy a cheap shower liner. When folded into quarters, this makes the perfect drop cloth to lay out your gear at the aid station while your crew waits on your arrival. This will keep things from getting lost in the dirt or grass, but most importantly, it can be used to keep your gear dry in the event of rain.

Moderately Related, but Funny

3. Race Bag- It's nice to have a compartmentalized bag or box to hold all of your gear so everything is easy to find. The key essentials should be out of the bag and laid out on the shower liner prior to your arrival.

For Real!

While duct tape is usually the only thing you need to patch yourself up during an ultra, you may want to have a more comprehensive packing list for race day. Here are some standard items for your crew to have on hand:

1. Standard first aid kit
2. Rain jacket or poncho
3. Trash bag
4. Warm jacket
5. Extra running shoes
6. Headlamp x2
7. Batteries
8. Lubricant
9. Extra shorts, tights and running shirts
10. Gloves
11. Beanie, hat or buff
12. Mole Skin or other foot care items
13. Sunscreen

And most importantly, a special treat for the runner!

If there are any special items that might be needed on race day, this needs to be planned out and communicated in advance. Don't be caught off guard in the middle of the race!

The crews role is to provide moral support, nutritional aid and medical assistance. Be prepared to successfully fill ALL those roles!

Weekly Race Radar:

IMTUF 100- This Idaho race is becoming pretty popular. Registration opens on February 2nd.

Chimera 100- This is a popular race among the HUMR's. Registration opens on February 2nd.

Run Rabbit Run- RRR50 and 100 are open for registration now! This is a wildly popular race because it has a prize purse which creates a big draw among the elites. Each race is about 50% full at this point.

The Bear 100- This race is filling slowly, but that may change after the Wasatch lottery. The unlucky runners might flock to the Bear as a backup plan. If you're interested, keep an eye on it.

Speaking of Wasatch...good luck to all of you that are in the lottery. Hopefully we'll all have something to celebrate this weekend!

Go Seahawks!

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