Friday, February 7, 2014

Foto Friday - Call for Fotos!

The 2014 race season is fast approaching, as in next week for some of us - Harrison wrote about it here in case you missed it. The picture he posted of me and Misty and her brother at the finish line of Red Hot got me thinking about my running and racing season last year. Then today as I flipped through pictures trying to find something for today's post I was reminded of some of my favorite moments from 2013. 

So HUMR's here's a call to action for you. Email me (debbie . farka @ gmail . com)  a picture of you or another HUMR from last year. Something that stands out to you, funny, inspiring, beautiful view, whatever. I want to post them here on the blog in the Foto Friday feature. Make sure you include a caption. 

And without further delay, here is today's foto. 

This is one of my favorites from last year for many reasons - gorgeous day, awesome trail, and who doesn't love Papa HUMR?
Papa HUMR with his trusty camera on Lewis Peak


Harry said...

I have plenty of photos... I'll send some your way.

Manners said...

I have some too. This is gonna be awesome! Thanks Mother Farka!