Saturday, February 8, 2014

2014 HUMR Peak Challenge

Alright HUMR’s, get ready for a fun and exciting challenge for 2014. Are you ready for this? Do I have your attention? I am happy to announce the 2014 HUMR Peak Challenge!
The challenge starts on February 8th 2014 and ends on October 8th 2014- you have 6 months to complete the challenge. The rules are as follows:
·         Summit each of the Peaks listed in the challenge
·         Have proof- photographic, eye witness or GPS data of the summit.
·         Email the following to Aric Manning-
o   Peak
o   Date
o   Proof
Simple right? Oh wait, we haven’t announced the Peaks needed yet have we…. Okay here they are:
·         Frary Peak           6596’
·         Malan’s Peak       6980’
·         Lewis Peak          8031’
·         Francis Peak        9560’
·         Mt Ogden Peak    9570’
·         Thurston Peak      9706’
·         Ben Lomond Peak    9712’
·         Willard Peak         9764’
·         Mt Timpanogos Peak   11,752’

That’s 9 peaks in 6 months…piece of cake! Right?
There will be a separate blog page for the challenge to document how it is going and so you can keep tabs on what is going on. I will keep it up to date and this is the official page so if it is not on there- it didn’t happen.

HUMR- “So Aric, what do I get if I accept the HUMR Peak Challenge and bag those 9 peaks in the 6 month window?”
Aric- “What a great question! If you accept the challenge and bag em all, you will receive the following:”
·         First- a high five because hey- it’s just a cool challenge
·         Second- a sweet HUMR Peak Challenge shirt- they will be well worth it!
·         Third- you will be placed into a drawing for a free pair of shoes, Striders Gift Card and an awesome HUMR logo’d jacket
·         Fourth- You get a huge sense of accomplishment and yet another high five cause you participated in this awesome HUMR event.
·         Fifth- your name on the HUMR Peak Challenge wall to commemorate this fine accomplishment
·         Sixth- a six pack or your choice
HUMR- “WOW- so many great prizes, now I am afraid to see what the entry fee looks like.”
Aric- “Yea- it is a reason for concern in most cases….but not here. It is free to enter.”
HUMR- “Free????”
Aric- “Yes free.”
HUMR- “Really?”
Aric- “Does Bj love the Parkway!
HUMR- (head tilt- think puppy)
Aric- “Yep- serious as Curtis on a spin bike.”
HUMR- (head tilt to the other side)
Aric-  “Anymore questions?"
HUMR- “Are there any other special awards?”
Aric- “Funny you should ask. The HUMR that finishes the challenge first gets a really special award.”
HUMR- “Whoa…really? What is it?”
Aric- “Patience young HUMR…it’s a secret.”
So that’s it HUMR’s, a challenge everyone can participate in and do it on your own time schedule. Or you can do peaks in groups and have fun there too. So many options and lots of time to bag em.
Most likely to be Frequently Asked Questions
·         Where are these Peaks?
o   Google it or phone a friend
·         Why does it start Feb 8th?
o   Because 8 is Aric’s favorite number and Feb backwards is Beef when you add an “e” and Aric likes beef.
·         Why does it end on Oct 8th?
o   Because 8 is Aric’s favorite number and because an Octagon has 8 sides and Octagon and October both start with Oct.
·         What if I want to add a Peak to the challenge?
o   Submit it in writing and send it to Sasquatch, he will review it, get it back to me and we may add it to 2015.
·         What if I bag 8 of the 9 peaks?
o   Then you did really good but not an official HUMR Peak bagger
·         What if I bag all 9 and throw in a couple more?
o   Then you bagged 9 Peaks and the total of the number of the other ones you did- you will have to do your own math for that amazing number but it may look like this- 9 + (your extra Peaks) = ???
·         What if I just don’t have time to get all 9 because I work, have children, have other hobbies, can’t find the peaks, scared of the dark, have no one to run with or some other cockamamie excuse….?
o   Then I would suggest not worrying about this challenge and just focus on having a great summer running anywhere you like to
·         What if I think it’s too easy cause I am a peak baggin son of a gun?
o   Then graciously do the challenge and then cheer everyone else on.
·         Wow, this sounds really hard- not sure I can do it.
o   Yes you can! Believe in yourself and get to baggin!



lindsay lauck said...

Can we get a special hashtag for this, like #HUMRPEAKS or something so we can instgram our summit photos??

Manners said...

Sure- #HUMRPEAKS it is.